Thursday, May 20, 2010

{Wedding} Catherine & Steven

Catherine & Steven are such relaxed, layed back people that I knew we were going to have a great time. Can I please gush for a minute about their wedding? It was BEAUTIFUL. They did everything in such a creative and natural way. I was so impressed. The flowers were gorgeous and were actual flowers in bloom from friends' and neighbors' homes. The church is an antebellum church out in the country, the reception at the beautiful Mount Repose, and Catherine's dress. Oh, Catherine's dress! This amazing wedding dress has been in her family for FOUR (yes, you heard me correctly) generations and was worn by her mother and her grandmother, not to mention a handful of other women. Absolutely true to form to what a Southern wedding should be, Catherine's wedding was simply beautiful from start to finish. The delicious cakes were created by Deseret Designs.

My favorite.

Look how good this cake is! That's candy bars allllllll over it! YUM!

Catherine's mother had the same photo taken infront of the same mantle in the same gown when she was married.

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