Thursday, February 4, 2010

What makes for a great shoot?

Hey Guys,
I want to share some tips with you on what can help make your photo shoot go from good to great.

Bring accessories. It doesn't matter which type of portrait you are taking, accessories are always great to bring along. Accessories help add a personal dimension that you may not get without them. This can be any number of things. For instance, if you are having a session of your daughter, you might want to consider bringing a special toy that she loves, or that beautiful bright hair bow you have been eyeing. You don't have to wear the items, either. A skateboard if you love to skate. Your favorite chair, a funky umbrella, a popcorn machine. Seriously, anything goes. Here's some examples of how accessories can really bring some character to your shoot.
Choose outfits that are normal for what you wear. If your family doesn't normally all dress up in matching outfits, don't do it in a photo. Sure, you'll want to coordinate, but leave enough room for each person to have individuality. Prints can be fine, just try for even prints, non-distracting prints. Moms, I know that you want the perfect jon jon or bubble (i have 2 boys), and bring it, we'll do some shots in it. But, PLEASE bring their little wranglers & belt buckle (or whatever), too! If your child marches to their own beat and they are so inclined, let them pick out their own outfit! Sometimes the fairy costume with the strawberry rainboots makes for the best pictures!
Have FUN! I am here to document a tiny section in Your life. Sure, I'll help coach you on a bit of what to do, but so often, some of the most honest and memorable shots are when I'm catching you being you. Dance around with your fiance' if that's what you do. We'll crank up the iTunes. Let your kiddo run around, we're not worried about grass stains.

Need some inspiration? Here's some sites that I like to surf:

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